2018-2019 CCD Classes
Classes begin Sunday, September 9, 2018
Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 A.M.
St. Mary Activity Center
For all students in grades K through 11.
Refreshments are served before class begins from 9:30-9:45 A.M.

For more information, please call Kim Duffy at 623-3331 or the church office at 497-2364.

St. Mary First Communion Class – 2016

FC 2016

Back Row:  Fr. George Kitchin, Maria Pozsonyi (2nd Grade teacher), Deacon Robert Illanne  Middle Row:  Christian Hinton, Juan Camacho, Angie Camacho, Savannah Williams, Landon Gregor, Elizabeth Gruel, Benjamin Cox  First Row:  Kenneth Resto, April Guerro, Kenairis Santanas, John delos Santos, Noah Cox, Poetri Burney, and Sylvia Hernandez

St. Mary Confirmation Class – 2016


Meagan Campbell, Tam Nguyen, Riley Brown, Sylvia Torres, Bishop Morin, Vuong Nguyen, Connor Trussell, Fr. Kitchin, Shannon Unger

Nativity at Mass by CCD students100_1393


FYI: The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) was an association  established in 1562 in Rome for the purpose of providing religious education.  In its more modern usage, CCD is the religious teaching program of the Catholic Church. These classes are taught to school age children to learn the basic doctrines of their faith.

FC 2015

Bottom Row:  Kate Kell, Gabriel Wilson, Gabriela Burney                 Back Row:  Deacon Robert Illanne, Tammy Carter, Laykn Sparkman, Faith Watson, Kathy Casey, Fr. George Kitchin


First Communion – May 2014

Back Row:  left to right – Deacon Robert Illanne, Brielle Ward,       Jack Rogers, Elyanna Nguyen – Fr. George Kitchin
Front Row:  Alexa Carter, Faith Brown, Ellie Nguyen, Grace Wilson



Confirmation – June 21, 2014

Bottom Row:  Rev. Msgr. John McGrath, Owen Plante, Wil Broun, Benjamin Blackburn, Daniel Blackburn, Deacon Robert Illanne,

Back Rowe:  Rodrigo Avina, Anna Lemaitre, Maria Avina,                            Lauren Freeman,  Laurel Lemaitre




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